***Warning Graphic Content Video***

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Screengrab from the ‘crush video’


MANILA, Philippines—A new “crush video” is making the rounds on social media showing three girls in shorts stomping on a wailing puppy until it died.

The barefoot women, whose faces were shown on the video, are allegedly Filipinas.

It caught the attention of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which has launched a search for the women and other people involved in the production of the video.

“If someone can actually give us the names and addresses of the people in the video, we can file the case immediately,” the animal welfare group said, adding it has forwarded the video to the Bureau of Animal Industry-Animal Welfare Division.

“Crush videos” are sexual fetish films in which small animals are maimed or killed through extreme brutality. Cruelty to animals is punishable under Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

“Crush videos” first surfaced in the Philippines in 2011 as scantily clad girls crushing to death small animals were sold as fetish films online.

A couple in Bacnotan, La Union was caught that year for hiring girls aged 12 to 18, who tortured and killed animals in crush films sold for P100 to P1,000 per video.



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  • Give me the adress i go to them and do the same thing

  • CritiK 10 months ago


  • PUTANG INA NILA.. kawawa nmn yung tuta… mga demonyo!!!

  • Damn… Just get mad, This is completely insane, that girls have some mental desease. Probably these girls try to CATCH the attention or feel some strong, being cruel with animals … i think.

  • i wish they will die

  • Wow this is horrible. These women need to be put in jail for this.

  • Are they even human? their morals are messed up, they think they look cute or cool doing that. All I wanted to do though out the video was get that puppy away from them. all that comes across my mind of them is despicable and disgusting.

  • Katia 9 months ago

    These people are sick fucks and so are the people who watch these videos.
    And yeah, they DO deserve the same thing done to them.

  • I like how people are just like oh yea send them to jail/prison they can get out and do it again! Doesn’t anyone fucking understand that?! Prison and jail are both just TEMPORARY Solutions for most people and they would be the people that get out and would just repeat the same shit over and over seeming as they are all fucked in the head, Giving them the death sentence is all that can be done for all four (Including the person that taped them) There’s probably more people out there exactly like them these ones are just sick enough to record this, There’s so much that could be said about these people but they better count they’re last free days left.

  • Rachel 9 months ago

    Omg, I want to vomit